With Michi...Life is always beautiful!


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Looking for something special, unique, and memorable...

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For over 35 years, Michi's has carried out a tradition of serving, the best of blended cuisines, beautifully presented in a creative exciting pallet teaser. Over the years, Michi's has fine tuned their services to interest a vast market, specializing in creating memorable events. Strategically partnered with some of the best companies in the Bay Area to provide you with excellent service.  We will work with your budget, create a new menu to fit your taste profiles, excite your pallet, and leave you wanting more. Everything that we do is on a client by client basis, custom tailored to your every wants and needs. Below are a few of samples of our menu repertoire. We look forward to potentially sharing your special day with Michi's.

"With Michi...Life is Always Beautiful"

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